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Ergonomic assists for manually loading & unloading unpalletized product.

Discover the benefits of the Destuff-IT™ Unloader & Restuff-IT™ Loaders!

These innovative devices are unique to the market place. They are designed to aid workers who load and unload floor-loaded product in containers and trailers. Operators experience more throughput and greater handling capacity with less fatique and muscle strain because of optimal positioning to the box wall.

It is common for a single person on a Destuff-IT™ to achieve a case rate in excess of 900 boxes per hour, depending on the size and weight of the box. Whether handling a single SKU or dozens, the Destuff-IT™ aids in getting boxes to the dock area for sorting and palletizing in an efficient manner.

Manufactured by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. (ELS), a company that continues to provide material handling solutions and lifting equipment to suit your needs. The Destuff-IT™ Product Line are ergonomic end-of-conveyor lift assists used by workers tasked with manually handling boxes‚ rolls and tires into and out-of floor loaded containers and trailers.Restuff-IT™ Loaders & Destuff-IT™ Unloaders are trademarks of and Patented by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.

Learn how we impacting supply chain logistics distribution centers with the benefits of the Destuff-IT™ & Restuff-IT™ machines. Gain insights into how productivity gains are achieved and increased efficiencies effect the whole distribution team. Register for upcoming 30 minute online seminars by emailing webinars@destuffit.com, having webinar in the subject line.


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